About me:

I'm a mostly normal guy who's got a wife, two kids, a job (I currently design precast underground structures), a mortgage, and a very large extended family.  I have many varied interests including games (of both the video and the board variety), typography, language, art, music (I played guitar frequently in my pre-fatherhood life), movies, reading, and...well...read my blog if you want specifics.  Also, as a Christian I find that I am constantly growing in my faith and seeking to learn and to understand more (with the help and encouragement of some wonderful people).

Firefox - My current favorite browser.
Thunderbird - Great email client
Launchy - Find stuff on your PC fast.
Notepad++ - A better Notepad.
The Gimp - Like Photoshop...but free.
Inkscape - For creating vector images.
Google Earth - The modern globe.

Google Reader - How I read the web.
Lifehacker - Hacks...for your life.
Get Rich Slowly -  Financial self-help.
The Hype Machine - Find new/old music.
Board Game Geek - THE board game site.
Bible Gateway - 50 Bible translations